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We supply air and oil filtration products to commercial and industrial facilities. We also manufacture and repair for special size, custom air filters, oil filters to order. Our goal is to provide the highest quality custom filters available in the industry to match your specific needs. We understand that speed, creativity and manufacturing proficiency are critical to mutual success.

We rapid growth has been fueled by referrals and working closely with our strategic partners and customers. Valitech Synergi main manufacture products include filter, filter acesories, filtering equipment, hydraulic filter equipment, dust removal filter or air purification, sewage treatment filter equipment, solid waste sorting filters equipment and oil purification equipment.

Manufacture pocket filter using high quality non woven synthetic fiber media, this filter ensures retention of solid particles up to the stipulated micron rating. The offered filter work is efficient enough to work under high pressure to avoid any type of particles or fiber migration. Its media is sealed with thermal bonding or stitching as per requirement.

Many of our industrial filtration products are customisable to suit the needs of our partners and customers. We deliver filter materials, housings, and pocket filter bags that are dimension, component, and material customisable depending on customer needs. Send us a request and we’ll find the best solution for your filtration needs for customisable solutions for industry specific needs.

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